Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Forgotten Staal?

Hi friends! Before I begin on the journey as "captain" of "Team Jared" I figured I should be honest with you about a few things... Before today, I had never once ventured on to the web page of the Phoenix Coyotes, nor had I ever typed "Jared Staal" into the search box of Google. I'm unfamiliar with the Coyotes organization other than the fact that "The Great One" is their head coach. I'm a Pens fan, a HUGE Pens fan, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to contribute to this blog. As a Pens fan, I hear about the Staal brothers a lot, I've heard all about Henry, Linda, and the sod farm. I chose to "captain" "Team Jared" because he's pretty much the underdog of the family, the youngest brother... and, he just happens to be just two days older than me. Yeah, being born in the month of August makes him that much cooler!

Eric, Marc, and Jordan all play in the NHL. This season Marc got into a "fight" with Alexander Semin of the Washington Capitals. Jordan scored a hat trick to lead the Pens to a victory over the Wings in November. Eric lead the Canes in scoring as they became one of the NHL's hottest teams in March. Eric and Jordan are currently battling it out in the Eastern Conference final. NBC and Versus fill our minds (at least those of us in the US of A) with visions of the Sod Farm in Thunder Bay, of Henry & Linda sitting on their couch watching their sons battle it out, interviews with Marc regarding the play of his brothers.... but what about Jared? Jared is usually tacked on to the end of the story, something to the tune of, "Don't forget about the youngest -- Jared -- who was a Coyotes draft pick in 2008." Is Jared becoming the forgotten Staal?

He very well could be becoming just that, and that's definitely not something, I, as captain of "Team Jared" can let happen... So, to re-introduce you to the youngest Staal brother, I've compiled:
"By the Numbers: Jared Staal"

0 - Stanley Cups won by Jared's favorite NHL player, Joe Thornton (He plays for the Sharks... enough said...)

1 - Number of fights Jared has participated in according to hockeyfights.com. It took place *way* back on October 19, 2007.

3 - Brothers of Jared who just happen to play in the NHL (Yes. We're all very surprised by this).

5 - Stanley Cup victories by Jared's favorite NHL team, the Boston Bruins.

5 - Games Jared played with the San Antonio Rampage (AHL affiliate of the Coyotes) after signing an amateur try out contract with them on April 3, 2009.

11 - Number the Sudbury Wolves selected Jared in the 2006 OHL Priority Selection Draft.

13 - Place the San Antonio Rampage came in this season in the AHL's Western Conference (only two teams ended with less points in the Conference).

18 - Age of Jared as of today, May 20, 2009.

48 - Players drafted before Jared in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. The Phoenix Coyotes selected Jared 49th - making Jared the only Staal drafted into the Western Conference, and the only Staal drafted in the 2nd round (Yay for distinction!).

52 - Points scored by Jared in his 08-09 season with the Wolves -- He compiled 19 goals and 33 assists.

104 - Points scored by Jared over his past three seasons with the OHL's Sudbury Wolves.

Hopefully, taking a look at some of these numbers has helped you learn a little bit more about Jared -- whom I do not want to become the "forgotten Staal brother." Jared's road to the NHL might not seem as easy or quick as that of some of his brothers -- but that certainly doesn't mean it's not going to happen.

Jared's growing up, he's not going to be the "kid brother" for much longer. He's no longer the little kid he was when the Wolves drafted him back in 2006 -- it's time he gets his picture updated to something a little more... recent...

I'll be keeping my eye out for any news pertaining to my newest favorite Staal (sorry Jordan...), and I'll be sure to fill you in on anything interesting I find... and maybe some of the not so interesting stuff too...

Happy Stanley Cup Playoffs!


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I'm glad Jared has you, Ali!
You won't let him be forgotten!

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