Friday, May 22, 2009

Team Jordan - 2, Team Eric - Godzilla's on the Horizon

There is not rational way to explain this game.

Only ridiculous ways.

And even more ridiculous ways.

We can't really compete with TSCS so we don't even try.

Between these game summaries you may actually gain some marginal insight into what this game was like and what effect it had on Pens fans. Sorry Carolina, we really don't CARE what you think. Clearly, we need some Raleigh perspective on this blog because we can't muster any during playoff season... and I'm supposed to be Acting-Captain of Team Eric... :-x

Game 3 on Saturday. If you're still drinking, we salute you! (This is no way endorses your actions, merely praises your dedication. We aren't rich enough to afford booze to last us the whole series so we're saving it for elimination games.)

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NuckNut said...

Off topic here ... I live in the Vancouver area and would love to see nearby Seattle, WA to score an NHL team. Next item on the agenda would be to assemble all the Staal brothers for the newly annointed Seattle Sodbusters!